At OTL we are happy to see patients who are 'self-paying'. A price for your consult can be confirmed on the website or by one of our personal assistants prior to your appointment. If referred for imaging tests these will be at an additional cost. Therapy reviews will be independently billed and charged by your therapist. If surgery is deemed necessary the price of the surgery, equipment and estimated hospital stay will be provided in advance. Payment is needed in advance to proceeding with surgery.

The Consultants at OTL are recognised by all the major insurance companies. We offer fee assurance with the major insurers. Some bespoke, innovative treatments and complex trauma surgeries may attract a higher fee and require a gap payment or may not be covered by your insurer, in which case a quote can be provided prior to proceeding with treatment.

If you are self paying then no GP referral is necessary. It is useful to bring any relevant previous medical letters and a list of any repeat prescriptions to your appointment. If insured this will vary according to your medical insurer. Some insurance companies will complete a telephone musculoskeletal questionnaire with you to confirm if they will authorise your review without a GP referral. Other insurance companies will request a GP referral in order for your review to be authorised.

There is an online appointment booking system for a finite number of urgent appointments each day. Our personal assistants are available by telephone or e mail to book appointments.

Working as a team at OTL we can offer urgent appointments normally within 24 hours for cases of acute injuries and fractures. Working at the North West London Major Trauma centre, all of our Trauma and Orthopaedic Consultants manage generic, common fractures on a day to day basis. In some circumstances if the fracture or condition requires further sub specialist care then this will be organised within our group.

We work at a number of hospitals in Central and West London. The site of your appointment will depend on the surgeon you are seeing, the time of day, and will be confirmed with you in advance.

At OTL we offer routine appointments between 08.00 and 19.00 on weekdays. Saturday morning clinics are available. Out of these hours clinic appointments may still be requested but will be subject to an additional out of hours fee.

At OTL a first consult appointment is 30 minutes. A routine follow up appointment is 15 minutes. An extended first consult is 60 minutes and subject to an additional fee. An extended follow up appointment is 30 minutes and subject to an additional fee. Extended appointments may be made at your request or may be recommended by the team.

If you sustain an injury overseas and have returned to London for further care, we are happy to review you in our clinic. It is very useful to bring any documentation and imaging if you attended a hospital overseas. In the event you have suffered an injury overseas that has required inpatient hospitalisation and surgery is required then in some circumstances it will be safe for your transfer to London for ongoing care. Some injuries may require urgent surgery in the local hospital and should be proceeded with. Other secondary injuries which may may require subsequent treatment could be transferred to OTL for further management.

At OTL we are happy to provide clinic reviews for second opinions. If screened as a complex review then an extended clinic appointment may be scheduled, and will be subject to an extended clinic cost.

In the event of an emergency or concern after treatment with OTL please contact our team by telephone or email. We aim to offer availability and advice wherever possible at all times.