Hip Replacement

The most common problem requiring a hip replacement is arthritis of the hip. As well as perfoming simple hip replacments for arthritis we are regularly referred more complex cases. These include patients with previous injuries to the hip, infections around the hip and complex fractures or dislocations.

Where possible our initial aim is to preserve the hip but occasionally, given the severtity of the injury this is not possible. In this situation a complex hip replacement offers the best chance to restore function.

This patient injured their hip after a fall from height. The acetabulum (hip socket) was badly damaged and a combined fixation of the fracture and replacement, allowed the patient to return to normal with no pain or limitation from the hip.

The patient shown below suffered a dislocation of the hip with a fracture involving the head (ball of the hip). A Complex primary hip replacement allowed her to return home rapidly with her independence fully restored soon after.