Proximal Hamstring Repair

Specific sports are associated with tears of the proximal hamstring, including rugby, surfing and speed walking.

This is a debilitating, painful condition and can be associated with chronic pain.

Ian Sinha and Jas Daurka perform this as a combined procedure.

The procedure requires a general anaesthetic and takes 120 minutes. During the procedure the sciatic nerve is identified and protected, the torn proximal hamstring identified and repaired back to the posterior pelvic bone with specialised suture anchors. The wound is closed with absorbable sutures and dressed with tissue glue.

Post operatively the patient is normally in hospital for one or two nights. A brace is worn for the first six weeks to keep the knee flexed to relax and protect the surgical repair. The position of the brace will vary according to the surgical findings, repair and the nature of the tear (new tear or a chronic tear).