Knee Ligament Reconstruction

In his practice in the North West London Major Trauma Centre, Ian Sinha has gained experience in the management of acute knee dislocations (including acute anterior cruciate ligament tears, posterior cruciate ligament tears, posterolateral corner tears, medial collateral ligament tears and lateral collateral ligament tears). His fellowship in Perth, Western Australia, also included training in the management of knee ligament injuries.

Knee ligament injuries can range from sprains of a single ligament in the knee, to a tear of a single ligament all the way to tears of all of the ligaments resulting in the knee dislocating.

Mr Sinha will tailor his treatment according to the nature of your injury. Simple sprains and isolated ligament tears that are not causing symptoms or interfering with activities of daily life may simply require a protective brace and early physiotherapy. Ligament tears causing instability with a potential risk of harm to the cartilage in the knee in the future may be suitable for knee ligament reconstruction surgery.

Knee ligament reconstruction surgery may be performed arthroscopically (keyhole) or through an open surgical incision. In some cases of multilligament injuries the surgery may require a keyhole reconstruction of a ligament inside the knee and an open incision to repair one of the ligaments outside of the knee.

Lateral femoral and tibial bone oedema and bone bruising secondary to ACL tear

MRI scan of intra-substance ACL tear

Post operative MRI scan of ACL reconstruction

Post operative radiographs of ACL reconstruction

Pre-operative MRI scan of multi-ligament knee injury (medial collateral ligament tear and posterior cruciate ligament tear)

Post operative radiograph of arthroscopic PCL reconstruction and MCL repair